the FIRM

Jacobsen Architecture is an International award-winning firm led by Hugh Newell Jacobsen and Simon Jacobsen. Both Jacobsen’s are members of Architectural Digest’s AD100, the magazine’s list of the top designers in the world.  During more than fifty years of achievement, Jacobsen Architecture has received more than 130 awards for excellence including six National Honor Awards from The American institute of Architects, the highest architecture award given in the United States. Considered one of the most influential architecture firms of the past decade, the Jacobsen’s ouvre includes now iconic projects spanning the globe for luminaries, business and entertainment titans.

The eloquence in the language of architecture is measured by how a building is put together. The joining of materials in a manner that retains the integrity of each part, while assigning a function compatible and advantageous to its nature, has always been a measure of "seriousness" in architecture.

"Detailing is deliberately sparse and linear in order to enhance the spaces within and without. People look good in our buildings." - HUGH NEWELL JACOBSEN